How To Verify Facebook Page & Profile 2015


 How To Verify Facebook Page/Profile 2015

Facebook is world’s Best Social Network and most used website after Google in the world. In these days there are 500 million People who is using Facebook having profiles or pages. Some peoples are intersted to verify our facebook pages and profiles.

Here we share latest and working method to verify facebook pages or profile. There is so many  renowned people in Facebook so everyone in the world want to be friend of them so Facebook have option for  renowned people to have Facebook page and have so many fans or likes or users.

Facebook recently introduce Facebook profile or page verification with a Tick badge after the facebook page nam. so people can get to know that particular page is of real people. so know every one in Facebook want to get verify there own pages but Facebook have some restrictions in this option we can only request Facebook to verify our page but its depends on them they verify or not as they said they only verify page of  renowned people in the world.

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