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Whether we are creating a logo design, complete website development, or complete photo / video production, our process remains the same through all service categories. At its root, The One Hundred Collective’s project process uses a modular, task-based workflow through every stage to ensure no details are left unchecked. In its simplest form it is little more than a series of well-defined stages and roles that allow a unique level of agility.

The combination of our highly detailed workflows and modular phases allow us to easily integrate with any client’s current structure and existing resources. We work with our clients to determine the stage(s) of the process that are best filled by their current resources versus TOHC’s, then we build teams best suited for each role. By doing so, we are able to maximize efficiencies, expand capabilities, generate better end products, and realize cost savings.

Based in Phoenix Arizona, TOHC has an unparalleled 9 year history of successful and sophisticated public relations campaigns. We have worked with all kinds of businesses, local businesses, online marketers, actors, models, artists, musicians, record labels, start ups and major corporations. Contact us today for more information.